I was born in Argentina in 1990. I knew I wanted to study design and move to the capital since I was 15.
My parents supported me so I moved to Buenos Aires, lived with a ton of friends, worked and graduated with BA Hons
Design from the University of Buenos Aires in 2014. I travelled to Europe right after graduating, I lived in Spain for a
few months, where I bought my first film camera, I moved to Dublin for one year and I ended up in London (as I had
planned) in 2016.

The photographic image has always been of interest to me since I was young. I used to make my way into old family
photo albums just to try to narrate a past I was not sure I could remember. During a trip to Nice, by accident my camera
got wet when a quick wave came in on the shore. The salt and sand affected the film and some of the images became
completely abstracted, while others allowed subtle watermarks to appear and the sand grains started to merge with my
recorded memories. I was intrigued by these alterations and I decided to further explore the numerous printing possibilities
I had just discovered, embracing the accidental errors as a statement of my own reality.

With a scholarship granted by The Queen Elizabeth Trust to further explore alternative photographic printing methods,
I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with Distinction in MA Fine Arts Printmaking in 2019.

My practice is heavily processes based and combines film photography with printmaking techniques. I feel more inspired
when I am travelling and I have an unconciouss tendency to photograph landscapes or abstract compositions of
nature that I can easily remember but that others will find difficult to read.

I am constantly looking for ways to blur the boundaries between photography and other mediums. Working with traditional
techniques in seemingly unconventional ways and seeing how they react upon various surfaces (mostly found
materials) constitute the basis of my research.